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What I Offer

You have a unique story that has brought you here. You have unique challenges and goals. I understand this and individualize each of my coaching packages to meet the needs of the unique YOU.

14-Day Cleanse


Our bodies are constantly bombarded with toxins and we cannot always handle the overload from our environment. Toxins corrode our body from the inside out. We find it difficult to lose/maintain our ideal weight, have energy, control our stress, and to just feel good in our body.

This cleanse is a gentle way to clear excess toxins from the body so you are able to operate at your full potential.

You will create healthy habits that bring life back to your days.

In my health coaching practice, I guide you through a detailed step-by-step 14 day cleanse. 

I include a shopping list, recipes, and daily guidelines.


28-Day Energy Jumpstart


Private 1:1 sessions

Get a jump-start on your bold goals for your body and mind!

  • Experience long lasting, sustained energy with new and easy healthy habits

  • Build a foundation for your best body

  • Identify and create a step by step plan for clearing the obstacles in your way of having the body and the energy you want.


90-Day Personal Transformation


Intensive 1:1 coaching sessions

Results of doubling your energy and your weight management: 

  • Experience abundant all day, long lasting energy; no more ups and downs

  • Finally trusting your body and not fighting it; no more lack of energy and feeling fat and sick

  • Clear both emotional and physical clutter to make room for joy and peace

  • Wake up and feel a sense of joy in your body and spirit

  • No more diets, fads, and short term gimmicks; understand how to have sustained energy and a body that works for you

Benefits of your best body through private mentoring:

  • Accountability and support, a system and structure, to breakthrough to your BEST BODY

  • Our one-on-one connection will support you to make powerful decisions and take consistent action toward your bold goals.

  • Powerful coaching to keep you moving forward and through obstacles.

  • Inspiring and fun coaching to help you solve problems, stay focused, and make progress to your powerful goals.

  • Increased confidence, sexiness, and a powerful sense of your unique brilliance.